Its about the interaction

Simply put, taking time to create something in the kitchen is not just about the creative process but the interaction those who eat your food or eat with you is all about. Being in the service industry for almost two decades has allowed me a perspective in the kitchen and in from the business side.  I have helped grow small restaurants, bars and franchise companies all leading to the culmination of this and many other projects.

Working to grow a community to share the interaction in the kitchen and our restaurants to better serve each other and continue the growth of Metro Detroit and our city proper.  If we grow our restaurants, our kitchens and our businesses the homes and families we serve will be better for it ultimately growing our city and the surrounding communities.

I know it can seem overzealous to take on a task such as this but we must start somewhere.  It is from this idea and the network already in place that we will start with posts bringing ideas, solutions and the failures to learn from.

We are always looking for great posts and bloggers to add, if you are interested in adding regularly or merely a few times (or once) reach out today.

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