Pasta Test

We decided to have a little fun with some fresh Pasta this week and go as far off the map as possible with flavors, as well as ways to cook it.  First step is flavors, next we’ll review cooking techniques and finally the overall review.


Flavors we’ve tried so far

  • PB & J
    • This one turned out very good after a few tries.  Everything from using fresh ingredients to basic PB and Jelly.  When we’ve repeated enough times we’ll post.
  • Mint
    • Tasted very Minty – That’s all we will say on this one 😉
  • BBQ
    • We have tried a few different approaches on this, we see a large variety in this area with creativity.
    • Smoky to savory, the way to get the flavor in to the pasta is endless.
  • Pickled Onion
    • This was and has been a fan favorite, we keep tweaking this one, last round came out on top for all the taste testers.
  • Tomato Basil (Had to do some classics)
    • Needed something basic to test against, somewhat of a control
  • Pesto (Same as above)
    • Same as above, wanted something traditional to work against the other flavors
  • Sausage and Peppers
    • First couple tries were quite poor on this one, with some adjustments in ingredients as well as way of cooking it is starting to bring this one to life.
    • Capture

The goal is to find a way to create multiple pasta flavors without any sauces required.  Our team was inspired by the breakfast restaurants that are working to create pancakes and french toast that are so flavorful they don’t need butter or syrup.


More to come!


Maybe even to a food truck near you!


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