Its all about the DOUGH!

When it comes to bread and the never ending way to expand on its flavors we have taken the same steps similar to pasta.  The beauty of dough and working it from scratch its that you have different times in the process to add flavor to it. For bread you have different steps to change the experience of the loaf you are creating from the starter (which can be flavored, altered and experimented with), the ingredients, while folding (rising) and after the baking process (such as coating it with butter, seasoning, etc).

For the beginning of this process we started to by experimenting with different bread starters.  From traditional sourdough, traditional yeast and everything else we could wrap our heads around. We tried to look at it clearly without any predisposition to what we believed would work to see how things will truly react to each other.  When it comes to the science behind leavening agents we used a basic scientific approach focusing on the fermentation process that creates the agents needed to make bread rise ( from the awesome team @HowStuffWorks). We try to do all of our recipes from a place of inexperience and naivety, an almost child like curiosity to help push the boundaries of the flavors, experience and textures of what we are creating.

Don’t get us wrong, this can lead to some poorly created concoctions, but there is always a need for bread crumbs, croutons and bird feed, so we always find a way to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. 

For the first set of recipes we did an homage to some of our favorite classic SOUP recipes and tried different ways to bring them to life in the form of bread.  The picture above is our Sweet Potato bread, we started with regular potato soup but it was lacking in flavor so we stepped it up to sweet potato (it was a good idea).  This picture is of a simple turkey sandwich with honey mustard and lettuce, with the flavor of the bread toasted it creates a new level of sandwich with simple ingredients.  The base idea was to create a white bread and minimize the moisture (water/oil ect) used in the dough and replace it with cooked and blended sweet potatoes.

The trick was utilizing an extra amount of yeast so that we could fold the bread multiple times to get it to a sweeter and fluffier consistency, otherwise it would have been extremely dense (though good).  These different trials led us to different bread starters one that even started with a sweet potato (cooked and uncooked) to create the science behind our starters – to be continued on this one).

A few other recipes we have been working on and still need some work (that’s the fun, constantly trying to improve on it) are our beef vegetable bread (we’ve tried rye, wheat and white), Italian Wedding soup (salty goodness) and our chicken BroccoliCheeseBreadnoodle soup bread (this one has taken a lot of tries to get the right flavors).  We lucked out pretty early with our broccoli and cheese bread, and have even changed it up a few times (especially in how we incorporate the cheese into the bread).  From stuffing it with cheddar, to baking it into the top, constantly changing the experience and ability to utilize it.


The beauty of the Pasta Trials and the Dough! movement is to maximize creativity and the utilization of all ingredients one can find in a kitchen.  If we look at it differently we can turn left overs into a great pasta, bread or new meal extending the life and usage of the meal.  Creativity and experience is what we are pushing to challenge in these simple yet off the wall pasta and bread experiments.

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