Pasta Trials Continued – Asian

Historically as far back as we can find the first record of “nudel” in modern day China as far back as 2000 BCE. Taking this long traditional noodle based in rice flour, transitional to the Italians through the Arabian Peninsula pasta has a simple base of flour and eggs making a staple to last centuries. What we have done with it over time has added to it from sauces ingredients and shapes. As we look through history someone has pretty much tried everything (we can assume), but when we look its often times still within the confines of cultural traditions.

Lo Mein and spaghetti are two common traditional dishes many are familiar with. For the purpose of the continuation of the Pasta Trials we are sticking with a white flour and egg base (moving on to other flours soon). We have tried many different flavors of pasta (BBQ, zucchini & pickled onion to name a few) and took a page out of the pasta (as far as we know) ancestry going back to an Asian heritage. We started off with an, egg and white flour base utilizing these flavors.


Soy Sauce

We started by beating the eggs and soy sauce into a bowl then folding in the flour until we got the consistency we were looking for.


The problem with teriyaki is the consistency and ability to spread the flavor throughout the dough. Premixing it with the eggs and adding a little water (or rice vinegar) made it easier and gave the pasta a great flavor.


This one took a few tries merely because of the flavor we were looking for, but we found more egg than sriracha gave it the better consistency during the drying phase you can brush on a coat of sriracha to add flavor.


Boiling tips and tricks

When boiling pasta your dough will take on the flavor or lack thereof from the water. What this means is you can play with the flavors and cook your pasta in different broth. For this we made a broth out of teriyaki and sriracha (and a 3rd of just water for control). We found cooking in the broth gave great added flavors to each of the pastas especially when you crossed flavors. Boiling the soy sauce pasta into the teriyaki broth gave it a great taste, adding separately Sautéed vegetables gave the dishes an added level. Though the noodles were awesome by themselves.

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