Family Time

From our grandparents to our parents learning in the kitchen is a connection to the past. A way to relive the past. It’s learning through generations of practice, love and experience that makes the family kitchen experience a great one.  Do you have memories of cooking with your parents, grandparents or other family? How you live with this practices, those memories and experiences help define you as a person.
Learning how to be creative in the kitchen at a young age is similar to learning a musical instrument, it gives you an outlet to express yourself, challenge yourself and grow confident in the choices you make. That is why it is so important to continue to pass on file traditions, start new ones and share moments with your family and friends. Whether it is music or cooking the medium serves the same purpose as s way of expression.
For many it’s the ability to learn how to fail and succeed at the simplest of levels and overcome the faults we make. Whether it’s burning a dish, learning to pay more attention or not over salting. These mini lessons will carry with you and others for years and generations if we as humans continue to share them. Whether you recipe and traditions are traced back to Mesopotamia, the Plains or an island nation the experience is shared amongst all cultures.
Cooking is a language that crosses barriers, just as music, to allow us to share our experiences with others.  Though y seem different, even scary at times the overall experience and shared knowledge is how we become a better society.  I understand that for a food blog we often speak of the relationship rather than the recipe, but we figured there are plenty of recipes out there. We are about brining they joy, the experience and growth form the kitchen to many.
Next time you eat, think of the reason, the purpose and thought put into the dish. Is it merely sustenance (fast food), does it serve purpose (protein shake) or is it a memory (mom’s lasagna)? Being aware of our relationship can make all the difference in how we eat, what we eat and how we cook. For me it’s about the experiences, memories and tradition put into each dish and the ability to bring people together.

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