Its about Service -What I learned from my Mother

As I have grown up the sacrifices of my parents, especially my mother have come to the forefront more and more. I came to realize there were many times she could have quit, but she continued to push and search for a better tomorrow for my sister and I. Whether it was taking a job that paid less at a prestigious high school so that I could have more advantages in college and career or hiding her pain daily to show strength.

I have been thinking of these things a lot lately, mainly in my own approach to sacrificing in search of a better tomorrow for myself and family. It brought me to reflect on a piece about my mother’s funeral (Piece on Mothers Funeral) and the affect she had on so many lives along the way. I hope we can all take something from the selfless acts that we ourselves and those around us perform everyday for the chance at a better tomorrow.

It can be very difficult to see the sunny blue skies through the clouds but if we take the time to help where we can and slow down where needed great things can come tomorrow. I know it can seem a bit “hippie,” then again my mom was a product of the 60s and 70s. Her unyielding nature to devote to others even from the smallest of gestures has stuck with me over time. Though she had her faults, as we all do, it was this nature that resonated with most who knew her.

The other day my wife asked me how I could cook so often with our son getting into everything and our daughter pulling at your legs.

“It’s because that’s why I cook in the first place. For my family, to be a part of it, to pass on traditions and share more than a meal.”

Cooking for my family, devoting time to my clients, friends and those around me is how I feel connected to my mother. She was a big believer in service to others and to one’s self. It is through these values that she showed me throughout life that has given me the foundation to continue forward. I can only hope to be half the person my mother was when it came to her devotion to others.



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