Look to find your center

What is your center, have you ever tried to find it?  What do I even mean about it?
For years as a child the way I would find peace or clarity was to go shoot a basketball (preferably alone).  Just the quiet nature, repetitive and ability to find immediate feedback for a great shot or s poor shot. The simplistic nature of it allows me to this day to think through problems. Often times people whom I play regularly with ask me what I’m thinking about when we play because they can tell I’m not 100% there.

Though I am paying attention, playing my hardest I find my mind drifting to the problems of the day in a clear fashion free of stress. Because it’s passive thought the problems of the day or week slowly get worked out. Whether your a “Gibbs” kind of person and need a task (boat) or simply need to be quiet and find a Mind palace (Sherlock) finding what works for you to deal with stress is key to succeeding in life, career and love.
I highly suggest you look into meditation, mindfulness simply find your calming event. The day can bring much stress, you need to find a healthy way of working through it.


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