An open letter to the amazing women in my life

I am very lucky to have amazing women in my life; from my mother and grandmother who laid the foundation of who I am today and the women that push me to be great on a daily basis; My wife, my sister, my daughter and my partner.  I can honestly say without the women in my life pushing me, coaching me and challenging me to be a better man I wouldn’t be the success I am and strive to be.

My Mother

My mother taught me it’s ok to be who you are in your own skin as long as you treat others with respect and compassion. She taught me that despite peoples worst intentions if we meet anger, hate and disrespect with grace and kindness we can turn the tide of our environment and our future. I have learned that there are always going to be people who do not agree with you, or what you do. If you treat anger and hostility with the same you will not move forward; you will merely stand still or face back.

My Grandmother

From cooking dinner for my mother and sister to be home later and teaching me that its ok to make mistakes and learn from them. Whether in the kitchen, doing laundry or in life; grandma taught me to embrace my mistakes and learn from them. It’s from what she taught me that has given me the patience to cook in the kitchen with my son and daughter getting in the way and making a mess. I learned that those memories can last a lifetime and to be patient and embrace the life lessons they (my kids) will learn from those moments.

My Wife

My wife is the “yin” to my “yang,” she is my balance. When I am driving towards a goal aggressively, she reminds me it’s ok to relax and enjoy the journey. Though she can drive me nuts from time to time I think back of my father’s first impression of his soon to be wife (Bob to Sharon) when he thought of her as flakey, but soon inspiring and passionate. My wife pushes me to enjoy the smallest things in life, the joys of our kids (even when screaming) for these moments are fleeting and will pass soon.  Most importantly my wife has taught me to be proud of who I am and who I strive to become, she is my rock.  Her unyielding support and trust in me has allowed me to strive for great things and take great risks (like moving 1,400 miles to Amarillo, TX).

My Sister

More than teaching me navy and black do not mix (clothes), my sister has been the conscience that has kept me from making mistakes with the relationships I would have with girl friends over time.  My sister taught me it’s ok to “wait” to be patient, don’t rush into friendships, relationships ect. The best part of life will come; all in due time and that if you are friendly and open your house to others the world will smile back.  Anyone who knew our mother would know she loved to hose parties at the house, and my sister is carrying on the tradition with such grace and jubilance.  She has taught me a well planned event can bring together a community and build lasting relationships just as our mother did once before.

My partner

To have someone that trusts you so much that they are willing to move across the country from their friends and family can do amazing things to your confidence. In my case it has pushed me to want to work even harder for her respect and trust.  I do not take the support of those around me lightly and having someone that calls me out on any item I miss, challenges me at work and in life and supports me in my family life as well as career is a special friendship that I cherish. I couldn’t see me succeeding in the fashion we already have and strive to be without an amazing business partner like her.

My daughter

Last but not least is the last one to the party, my daughter Carly Ann who smiles at me, pushes my sanity and cuddles with me when I put her to sleep. She has the ability to bring me to my knees with the smallest of smiles or tears and challenges me to be a better person every day with her existence.


The women in my life push me to do great things, remind me of when I’m out of line and most importantly make me proud to be the man I am and strive to be daily. Thank you to all the strong women that have made me who I am, push me to be greater and openly support me in the goals I am pursing.

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