What is Four Cs Blog About

Four Cs Blog was put together to express and expand the local knowledge of Metro Detroit’s food, family and community scene.  From your kitchen to the kitchen of some of the best restaurants around. We work with and in the industry and have a network that allows us to bring a view point from the Owners, to the bus boy and in between.

We are a group of industry professionals from directors of industry companies, catering owners and industry staffers working to bring together a voice to communicate and coach each other to greater things.  Food is a necessity for all of us, how we eat, where we eat and the way we cook are about our lives and our communities.  Working to better serve each other through the culmination of knowledge allows us as a community to do great things.

Whether its from the best tools to get the job done in the kitchen, a great recipe or a trick that industry professionals use everyday. Four Cs was created to reach the restaurant owner, family care giver and everyone in between.  For the beauty of the internet, blogs and information is that the more we know and share the better we can all be for each other in our communities.

If the right solution, recipe or coaching can save a restaurant or just Friday night dinner than we’ve done our job.


Here’s to the growth of a community where we can share and grow together.

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